Martin Truong

Martin Truong

Artistic Director & Co-Founder



What inspires you to teach or work in the hair specific education?

I didn’t have a great start in my early hair education and this experience lead me down a path to two choices. Either leave it the way it is or to create positive change with my own efforts.

I believe that when you have a deeper understanding of something it is your professional responsibility to assist others to learn and understand using their learning style.  Along the way, you might even personally grow yourself. 

I have chosen to give my all to teaching and designing meaningful student learning experiences at Eikonic Academy because I believe in a building a strong community and future for hair professionals in Canada. 


Why Eikonic?

Eikonic began as a personal dream and quickly turned into a starting point where positive change begins and symbolizes professional hair artists. Eikonic is my life's work...and It is my love letter to the future change makers who will continue to contribute to a better hair community.


Your advice for new students?

I was a student and still am a student and will always be a student to personal self development. 

Open your heart, open your mind and keep that positive learning door open. 


What is your favourite hairstyle and why?

Angled Bob. It’s a combination of the 2 most simple yet technical hair forms. Easy to learn but difficult to master. 


What is your life motto?

In a team, we all have weaknesses, thankfully not the same kind.