We love hair

Trust those who are passionate

Salon long hairstyle
Finishing touches
Salon beach wave platinum blonde
Soft beach waves.
Salon angle bob
Time for a change.
Happy salon client with long wavy hair
Learn home care tips & techniques.
Happy salon client super short bang scissors cut
Details matter.
Salon long dark hair beach wave
Time for a change.

Each and every one of our students strives towards a common goal — to provide the best customer experience. This involves mastering their craft, practicing communication and service skills all while learning how to work within a team environment.

We love to share our techniques and communicate using technical terminology. You will probably learn a thing or two about your own hair during your visit.

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Meet the Future Professionals

Be a part of something great

Happy salon client with her stylist
A momment worth sharing.
Salon client with her stylist blowdry hair
Attentive and at your service.
Happy salon client with her stylist platinum blonde
Friendly and professional.
Happy salon client with long wavy hair
Look good. Feel good. Do good.
Happy salon client getting face framing haircut
All eyes on you.

Amazing things happen when thoughts align.

Your experience begins with a consultation with your assigned Senior Student and their Instructor. We'll work together to envision and align your expectations with their knowledge before presenting their game plan to you and their instructor.

We are a co-operative kind of environment, so you may meet multiple students collaborating together to complete your look. How luxurious!

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Friendly and Co-operative.

We create our own Environment.

Hair school students working on clients
Meet the change-makers of tomorrow.
Hair school student taking photo of client
It's more than just a haircut.
Happy salon clients getting their service done
Inspire future professionals.
Hair school student learning with teacher apply highlight hair
Be apart of something great.
Hair school student taking picture of happy salon client
When you look that good.

Whether you see it or hear it, a smile is contagious.

This is an invitation to the open-minded and kind-hearted. Your visit will shape our student's life learning experience and will be fondly rememebered.

Here you will do more than just support a local business - you're helping create positive change in the community.

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