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Date: ❄️ Winter 2Day Workshop Feb 12 - 13 2024
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Fade Navigation

Instructor: Martin Truong 

Course description

Sharpen your skills in crafting the perfect fade in this course designed for stylists and barbers. Focusing on blending and fading techniques, you'll learn to visually assess and methodically approach each haircut for seamless transitions.

This workshop is ideal for those looking to elevate their expertise and deliver consistently flawless fades with confidence and precision.


Course Content

  • Intro to clippers, trimmers & barbering tools
  • How to combine styles to create infinite variations
  • Head structure analysis and design
  • Clipper guard systems and measurements
  • Understand Skin Fades and Taper Fades
  • The connection of guards & how to 'skip guards'
  • Avoid unforgiving mistakes
  • Hairline details to compliment the face
  • Preplan work around irregular head shapes
  • Aftercare and Maintenance Tips

Barbering Techniques: Versatility, Consultation, and Efficiency

Enhanced Blending Techniques: Focuses on mastering seamless blends, essential for perfect fades. Provides hands-on experience in the subtle art of gradient transitions.

Variety of Fade Styles: Exposes barbers to different fade styles, from classic to modern, expanding their haircut repertoire and staying current with trends.

Precision and Efficiency: Teaches precise cutting techniques and efficient use of tools, crucial for maintaining high-quality results and optimizing service time in a professional setting.

What you’ll learn

Handling Irregular Head Shapes
Master the skill of adapting haircuts to fit various head shapes, ensuring a flattering look for each client.

Successful Consultation Techniques
Develop effective communication skills to understand and meet client needs and preferences in hair styling.

Hair Textures and Types
Recognize how different hair textures and types affect the fading process.

Clipper Techniques & Guards
Master various clipper techniques and choose the right guards for different fade styles.

Learn Blending Techniques
Seamlessly blend different hair lengths without creating visible lines or uneven patches.

Develop Precision & Symmetry
Ensure fades are precise and symmetrical on both sides of the head.

Handle Tricky Areas
Navigate difficult areas like the temples, around the ears, and the nape of the neck.

Effective Consultations
Consult effectively with clients to understand their desired look and manage expectations.


Common Mistakes in Fade

  • Uneven Blending: This critical mistake leads to noticeable lines and patches, ruining the smooth transition essential in quality fades.

  • Incorrect Guard Selection: Using wrong guard sizes results in choppy, unrefined fades with incorrect lengths and abrupt transitions.

  • Over-Fading: Removing too much hair or fading too high alters the intended style, often requiring a much shorter cut to correct.

  • Neglecting Head Shape and Hair Type: Failing to consider the client's unique head shape and hair type can lead to a fade that doesn't suit their overall appearance.

  • Inconsistent Pressure and Angle of Clippers: Applying uneven pressure or incorrect angles can cause inconsistent cuts and visible imperfections in the fade.

Tools to Bring

  • Clipper with guards (sizes: 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4", 3/8”)
  • T-blade outliner/detailer
  • Foil shaver
  • Clipper comb (bright colour)
  • Flat top comb
  • Spray bottle
  • Neck duster
  • 2 towels
  • Hair clips
  • Point cutting shears
  • Texturizing scissors
  • Blow dryer


Get to know your Instructor - Martin Truong 

  • Founder of Eikonic Academy: Founded a renowned hair college in Ontario, Canada, known for its innovative approach to hairdressing and cosmetology education.
  • Scissor Ambassador for Mizutani Scissors Canada: Represents Mizutani Scissors in Canada, focusing on educating professionals about the importance of quality tools in hairdressing and their impact on craftsmanship.
  • Subject Matter Expert: Has helped develop industry learning resources and educational programming curriculum, demonstrating deep knowledge in hair styling and education.
  • Contributor to Canada Canforgen: Assisted in writing grooming guidelines for military members, applying expertise in styling standards.
  • Previous Judge for Hair Competitions: Judged at prestigious hair competitions like Contessa, Mirror Awards, and VZN Awards, highlighting his skill in evaluating hair artistry.
  • Coach for Skills Canada: Provides expert coaching to participants, focusing on skill enhancement for national competitions.

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