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3 Days Workshop

Perform at your peak.

Save time with easy techniques for both clipper and scissor work. Learn how to visualize and strategize a successful men's haircut.

Seamlessly combine a crisp bald fade with lengthier scissor techniques for infinite creative combinations.

Key Infomation

Course format 3 Days
Start date
Fall 2021
  • Manikin
  • Certification

  • Course outline:  e-Course Deck

    What You will Learn

    Course overview

    Designed for efficiency, this strategic approach to hair will allow you to plan your time and maximize your productivity so that you’ll never have to go back to ‘blend’ in your mistakes

  • Guard systems and measurements
  • Eikonic’s 3 Core Elevation Haircuts
  • How to "skip guards"
  • Solutions for irregular head shapes
  • Tips to avoid unforgiving mistakes
  • “Get rid of the line”
  • Learn not just how to cut - but why
  • Day 1

    Barber school
    Hair Geometry
  • The importance of Eikonic’s 3 Core Elevation Haircuts
  • Barbering terminology
  • Scissor over comb
  • Scissor handling and texturizing techniques
  • Free-hand shear cutting
  • Body positioning and stance
  • Styling & finishing techniques
  • Controlling non-dominant hand
  • Mens off-scalp 45′ and 90′ elevation core cut
  • Service design & branding
  • Day 2

    Barber School
    Fade Dynamics
  • The importance of Eikonic’s 3 Core Elevation Haircuts
  • The difference between clippers, trimmers, and other barbering tools
  • How to combine styles to create infinite variations
  • Head structure analysis and design
  • Clipper guard systems and measurements
  • Different cutting blades and their purpose
  • How to develop strategic consultations
  • Use, adjust and maintain my clippers and trimmers
  • Clipper over Comb & Undercutting
  • Free-hand Clipper cutting
  • How to get ‘rid of the line’
  • Blend with techniques such as cross hatch, pointillism
  • Low Fade, Medium Fade
  • Mens on-scalp 45′ and 90′ Elevation Core Cut
  • Day 3

    Barber School
    Advance Fade Techniques
  • The connection of guards & how to "skip guards"
  • Avoid unforgiving mistakes
  • Hairline details to compliment the face
  • Preplan work around irregular head shapes
  • Zero Skin Fade
  • Surgical Parts/”Hard Parts” & Linear Tattoo
  • Live model required for 2:00pm (with at least 2″ hair all around)
  • Tools to bring

      Guards 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4", 3/8”
      T-blade trimmer
      Foil shaver
      Clipper comb (bright colour)
      Flat top comb
      Spray bottle
      Neck duster
      2 towels
      Hair clips
      Cutting shears
      Texturizing scissors
      Blow dryer

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