ACRO Babyleaf

Color: Silver
Size: 4.7
Sale price$1,050.00


Mizutani Scissors - ACRO Babyleaf



Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Babyleaf Scissors

The small leaf blades create endless possibilities.

The ACRO Babyleaf is more than just a  dainty pair of scissors. Its 4.3 inch blades provide highly precise control over the cutting process and enable you to achieve slide strokes with pinpoint accuracy. The Babyleaf assists stylists change the hair flow without reducing length, which is ideal for fixing damaged hair. Unlike regular-sized scissors, the Babyleaf allows for controlled amounts of volume while avoiding over-thinned hair. Furthermore, its small size makes it easy to maneuver and fits perfectly in the hand.


Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Babyleaf Scissors

Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Babyleaf Scissors

Mizutani Scissors Canada cobalt alloy icon
EXTRAMARISE® is a MIZUTANI-developed heat treatment specifically designed for scissors. It uses the perfect temperature required to bring out the most out of special materials like cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium, etc. and create a blade with the ideal strength for haircutting. The performance of any material depends on the heat treatment, which is why the company's proprietary approach (*hardening, tempering, sub-zero processing) is essential. In fact, the process has been carefully crafted to benefit from long years of data and experience. EXTRAMARISE® processing is the ultimate heat treatment for scissors.
Mizutani Scissors Canada organic icon
The handles feature an organic appearance that resists metallic sheen. It's sculpted, curved shape provides the cozy feel of natural material, curving and clinging to the finger's shape like a welcomed embrace.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Disk Driver Icon
This flat type driver for UFO screws is designed to be compact and easy to maneuver. It is included with all scissors with the Mizutani Scissors marked logo.

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