Their work, our pride

They found their calling

barber fade haircut with hair tattoo
Join us and free creativities
short hair highlight bald fade
Get a new identity with texture and colour
barbershop client with platinum hair colour
Now in full colour
Barbershop kid haircut
Kids are welcome...if they're good.

Before graduating to the service floor, our students have completed over 800 hours of training. They are eager to show the world what they are capable of. Allow our students to show you what a better hair experience is like. It might take us a little bit longer, but it's because we care.

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See what moves us

Everyone has a story

Happy salon client with his barber
We are social.
barber student fading hair with model
We are diligent.
barber student doing scissor hair cutting techniques
We are obsessed.
barber student styling his client hair
We are detail-oriented.
barber student styling his client hair
We are attentive.
barber student styling his client hair
We are focused.
barber student styling his client hair
We are passionate.

Every super hero has a reason for their cause. So do our future professionals. You'll quickly find that their motivation is much deeper than just gaining a skill. They aspire to provide better service and to make a difference in someones day - even if it means saving haircut at a time.

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Friendly and co-operative

A familiar place that you can count on

barbershop busy Environment
Inspire future professionals
barber spraying water on kid client
We got you little guy

Our service floor experience has been designed with you as the centre of attention. Delivering a great haircut experience to you also means an enriching learning and teaching experience for our students and staff. The only thing we ask for is your patience.

Afterall like whiskey and wine - good things take time.

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