Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez

Fundamental Instructor



What inspires you to teach or work in the hair specific education?

I wanted to give back to the industry that made me become the artist that I am today by educating the next generation of artists.

In this industry, you possess the power to make a people feel good about themselves. Hair is therapeutic and especially helps a lot of people with their self-esteem. My mission is to empower people and  to make them realize that they are beautiful no matter how they look. Hair is a vehicle for them to enhance self-esteem.


Why Eikonic?

Was looking to slow down in my previous career as a platform artist. I want to go to a place where I was going to be valued. I want to go to a place where I could actually show what I have learned through my 22 years as an artist. I feel that with Eikonic - a place that’s constantly adapting, constantly challenging and raising the bar. A lot of school close their doors because they stop realizing that we’re working in an industry where what's new today is old tomorrow.

I feel like Eikonic is that place that will continue to challenge me to better myself personally and professionally. 


Your advice for new students?

Find your worth.


What is your favourite hairstyle and why?

My favorite cut is long layers. It allow you to show the flow and the movement of the haircut and it's colour -  it's like creating a sculpture.


What is your life motto?

Simplicity is the essence of sophistication.