Our Graduates

com·mence·ment - a beginning or start

Some have a story, we made history.
Eikonic's first female graduate.
Family and teachers.
Quarantine Class 2020
Eikonic Academy's first graduates.

Champions are those who have failed, learned their way and get back up to finish off what they have started. Behold those who have proved to themselves that they have learned the rules like a pro and are now ready to break them like an artist. Your platform is ready - the world is watching. Congratulations."

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First, introduce yourself.

None of this will happen if you don't.

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Back to our new reality.
Learning in a changing enviornment.
Learning in a changing enviornment.
Social interaction leads to deeper learning.
Student collaboration.
Live client interactions
Level II students on Main Stage.
One-on-one coaching.
Beauty education the way it should be.
Beauty education the way it should be.
Beauty education the way it should be.

We began our journey working towards our personal goals and along the way discovered that happiness is the journey itself.

While learning can happen anywhere, the order in which education is delivered along with the friendships made along the way are the most important takeaways.

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Social Animals

We are all connected

Canada Armed Forces barbering seminar.
Eikonic x Mazella Live Event
Eikonic students at Wella Academy
Halloween Hair school
Thad.Deus Barbering Workshop
Julius Caesar Barbering Workshop
Community Barber Showcase II
Community Barber Showcase II
World Barbers
Rob Braid & Joth Davies visits
Mental health charity event
Johnathan De Vela - Charity Event
Hair Barber School Students
Guest Speaker: Anthony Zaccaria
Guest Speaker - OMC hairworld Judge Anthony Zaccaria
OMC Hairworld Judge Anthony Zaccaria
Movember Shave
Annual Emergency Service Movember
Student Career
Careers in Beauty - Open House

Finding happiness in servitude.

Instead of asking "what can do I for myself?", the question should be "what challenges in today's world can I help solve?" This simple shift in mindset alone has the power to drive positive change, will motivate us to be the best version of ourselves and create purpose in our lives.

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2019 Community Barber Showcase II

Collaboration with Mark Payton from Sailor Bups Barbershop NS.


In collaboration with Mark Peyton from Sailor Bups Barbershop NS, Eikonic proudly hosted Community Barber Showcase II. The 2-day event brought together barbers from Canada and the UK to share their art and passion for hair. Educators include:

Joth Davies | Mark Peyton | Shon Lawhon | Andrew Van | Taylor Levens | Brett Kelly | Matty Conrad | Frank Rimer | Robert Braid | Mari Demonte | Michael Mejia | Sam Wall.

Sponsored by Mizutani Scissors Canada

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2019 Live Hair Jam Event

Collaboration with Mazella & Palmer


In collaboration with Jean Baptiste from Mazella and Palmer, Eikonic proudly hosted the We Love Hair Event. The energetic evening brought together elite Canadian stylists and barbers from across the country together under one roof to share their art and passion for hair. Educators include:

Jean Baptiste Mazella | Daniel Naumovski | Norm Wright | Antonio Quintieri | Michael Crispel | Adrien Fiorio | Lisa Berry | Stan Newton | Rodica Hroro | Lisa Tuff | Jason Hunt | Cheryl Gushue | Gianmarco Catapano | Carole Lemire |

Special thanks to Andre Turling

Sponsored by Mizutani Scissors Canada

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2019 Movember Shave Event

Eikonic barber students hosted Peel Emergency Services Mo-Down


Eikonic Movember Shave off

Shaving is simple and daily task. There's not much to it really. But why do people seek out professional barbers to experience the knife to their throats then? Is there something more to it? What does it symbolize for the Movember movement?

Our students discovered the answer first hand by taking part with our local heroes.

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