Elizabeth VanderVeen

Fundamental Instructor



What inspires you to teach or work in the hair specific education?

It all started when a high school teacher told me that I was not academically inclined enough to be a teacher.

I love having my hair done and my hairdresser said you need to get into this since I always ask her 1 million questions about hair. I then started to practice on my brothers and any friends that I could convince that I would do their hair and I discovered that I really loved it, so I went to a local hairdressing school to begin my education.

I love learning, I went to every class that I could and then I got to a point where they asked me if I would consider being an educator I said I don't think so my life is kind of full right now with young kids. Then I was invited to Toronto for a weekend for an educational role. It was wonderful, I just love the feeling of when others would have an 'aha' moments with what I could share. I enjoy helping somebody to become better at what they do.


Why Eikonic?

I was going to semi retired, but was not happy just being home and I really missed doing what I love to do I really miss connecting with students. Then I saw  an open position here at Eikonic and I did some research and I was really impressed by the way that the school run. It seems like a place that has lots of integrity from the time I interview to my 1st time coming in - it just felt like this was a good fit -  and it is -  it is a wonderful fit. I feel like I'm in my happy place that I can work with the students and just enjoy it. I feel energized.

Your advice for new students?

Coming into this industry when you're fresh and you just start to realize that learning never ends and this is a fun and exciting occupation to have that we can have a lot of. It’s very much in the fashion industry it's always changing which makes it really exciting but because it's always changing it is important to continue you're learning throughout your whole career because things in this industry move and change so quickly. It also keeps you fresh and inspired and since this is such a creative business we should never lose that that creativity and that inspiration.

What is your favourite hairstyle and why?

I would say the “Shag” haircut that’s done with a razor to give creative texture and movements. 


What is your life motto?

Be kind to those around you, just do what you love so that you can enjoy the days that you have here. Use the gifts of creativity and make an impact on those around you. You can be both tough and kind of the same time.