Lisa Bella

Lisa Bela

Technical Instructor



What inspires you to teach or work in the hair specific education?
When I see other people in the field teaching and creating, it inspired me to become better.
This industry is constantly moving and going into different directions with the fashion world. It's never really the same, and it changes all the time there is never a dull moment.

Why Eikonic?
It’s the people that started Eikonic, Martin and Jessica were the founders of Eikonic and the fundamentals that they believed in in our industry sync with the fundamentals that I believe in and that's how the relationship connected and is still growing.

Your advice for new students?
If you love to be challenged, if you love to create, if you love to invent and reinvent things and yourself then this is the best industry to be in.
Follow through and always finish what you started and then at the end of the tunnel you will be able to figure out whether you wanna continue or you need to do a different direction but you need to finish what you start.

What is your favourite hairstyle and why?
Favourite hairstyle is the classic Bob, because it's branched to many looks that’s stayed classic and modern till today.

What is your life motto?
Let the beauty you love be your creation of the future.