About Eikonic Academy of Barbering and Beauty

The barbering and hairstyling industry needs more talent, interactions and technical education. Traditional models of beauty education and apprenticeships are not preparing students for an industry that is constantly evolving. So, we decided to be the change that we wanted to see.

Eikonic Academy is for people who desire to do fulfilling, creative and meaningful work. It’s for artistic inspiration, networking and achieving your personal best. Design your future. Challengers do.

Eikonic full-time alumni do much more than just train to enter a new career in barbering and hairstyling — they excel.  By applying new skills and ways of thinking, they become leading artists and salon and barbershop owners of some of the most reputable salons and barbershops. From here, you can go anywhere!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a post-secondary education that adequately prepares students both in the technical and business skills required to excel in the ever-evolving beauty industry.


We were just like you. We had our day 1. We craved more. More challenges, more resources, more fulfillment. Most of all we wanted to make more of a difference. So we took matters into our own hands and never looked back. Eikonic Academy was founded 9 years after we began our barbershop. We realized that the current models of post-secondary beauty education were not preparing students to be successful in the beauty industry.

Our instructors have years of experience working in the industry or have owned their own salons and barbershops. We know the skills salons and barbershops need and the kind of people they want to hire. Let us help write your first chapter so that you make your passion your pay check.

Our Beliefs


We are a family and a creative community of the brightest minds in the industry, coming together to develop and inspire the next generation of future beauty professionals.

Our belief is that barbers and hairstylists possess the power to change the world by helping people look and feel great. We inspire our future professionals to be well-rounded in technical, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills.


Student Experience

Eikonic students will always be a part of our family where our motto is #peoplematter. Our approach to education is based on collaboration, communication and creativity and is taught on interactive tablet technology instead of using old-school textbooks. Your professional journey starts with a strong educational foundation combined with hands-on learning in real-life clients experiences.


Part School. Part Barbershop and Salon.

Learn about hair in our creative playground – designed as a trendy high-end salon and barbershop and immerse yourself in authentic client experiences that will prepare you for salon-reality situations and client interactions. From consultations, to staying up to date on the latest styles, and recommending the right products or posing the haircut for the perfect shot for the gram – we get it. So will you.


Our Teaching Style.

Fashion and beauty is constantly changing, which means that the next generation of aspiring beauty professionals require new techniques and tools to stay ahead. Our multifaceted approach to learning adopts a ‘learner-centered’ educational experience.  Our career coaches facilitate your learning through hands-on and engaging media such as video, music, live demos and presentations.