Terence Lai

Terence Lai

Director & Co-Founder



What inspires you to teach or work in the hair specific education?

I believe that teaching the next generation, no matter the industry, is the responsibility of the current generation.  I wanted a chance to give back to the youth of our future, by giving them the proper business and technical skills, to not just succeed in the beauty industry, but in life as a whole.


Why Eikonic?

Being a long-time customer of the brand, I knew what Eikonic was all about.  Eikonic put people first.  Everything that they were trying to accomplish with this brand spoke to me.  When I was given the opportunity to work with the founders of this brand, to grow it’s reach and influence, and make a positive impact on this industry, I knew I had to take it.


Your advice for new students?

Always keep an open mind, in everything that you do.  “The more you learn, the more you don’t know”.  Take risks, try new things and meet new people.  Set goals, and never stop working towards them no matter how small each step may be.  The biggest growth comes from being in the unknown and being uncomfortable.  

How do you motivate your team/students?

Understand what each individual is looking to accomplish.  Listen, because communication is key, and should always be an open 2-way street.  Create a culture that prioritizes putting team members’ goals first and lead by example.


What is your favourite hairstyle and why?

Bob.  Because, it is called a bob.


What is your life motto?

Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never make it out alive.