ACRO Crossover CR-1

Color: Silver
Size: 5.7
Hand Position: Right
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Mizutani Scissors - ACRO Crossover CR-1


Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1


“Scissors that inspire my sensibility”


The ACRO Crossover CR-1 was designed to usher in a new era of hair design, combining the various hair designs of barbers and hair stylists into a groundbreaking cross-over handling style. To ensure this new style is optimized, we have enlisted the help of Whitney VerMeer, an international educator, to become part of our research and development team. The ACRO Crossover CR-1 incorporates both a "stable feeling" and "ease of use" for scissors-over-comb cutting and uses Nano Powder Metal for a powerful cutting experience. It's the scissors that inspire the sensibility of the modern era. This revolutionary product provides a perfect balance between control and agility, making it ideal for creating precise and sophisticated hairstyles. Experience professional-level results with the precision of Nano Powder Metal blades, delivering effortless and precise cuts every time. With its innovative combination of classic and modern hair styling, the ACRO Crossover CR-1 is an essential tool for any professional or enthusiast barber or hairdresser.
Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeer
Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeer

Whitney VerMeer is an internationally renowned artist and published author, renowned for her conceptually and architecturally inspired hair styling. She is an ardent supporter of equality in the industry and has a strong background in cosmetology and barbering, continually honing her skillset. Her expertise has been used to craft and deliver cutting-edge barbering courses for multiple companies, including L'Oréal, Andis, and Mizutani. Drawing on her passion for cosmetology and barbering, Whitney VerMeer is expertly capable of elevating style with her looks. She has developed premium courses for companies such as L'Oréal, Andis, and Mizutani Scissors. Her leadership and dedication to fairness is evident in her work, making her a premier artist and author.

Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeer

◎ The best balance of excellent handling 
◎ Excellent usability 

The ACRO Crossover CR-1 scissors feature a blade length of 0.7 inches, 0.2 inches longer than the standard 0.5 inch scissors. This additional length allows for greater accuracy and precision and more effective scissors-over-comb cuts. Thanks to Nano Powder Metal technology, the blades of the ACRO Crossover CR-1 have sharp edges for superior performance.

Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeer

The ACRO Crossover CR-1 effortlessly cuts men's hair, offering precision and performance.
Featuring a precision ball bearing mount, the ACRO Crossover CR-1 scissors deliver ultra-smooth movements. Properly balanced, its center of gravity lies close to the hand for comfortable operation and noticeably reduced user fatigue. Thanks to this perfectly designed construction, the scissors require less strain to cut and offer robust cutting performance.
Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeer

Choose from two types of handles to customize your experience: a narrow-grip handle for a more comfortable feel or a broad-grip handle for enhanced stability.
The ACRO Crossover CR-1 and CR-2 both offer two different handle types for users to choose from. The CR-1 is the conventional even-handled scissor choice, while the CR-2 provides users with a secure grip and comfortable cutting experience when used for men's hair.
Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeer

The CR1 and CR2 both feature optimized handles, with the CR1 possessing a narrower grip for smaller hands and the CR2 featuring an ergonomic design for its slightly larger grip.

Mizutani Scissors created the ACRO Crossover CR-1 scissors to reduce strain on the hands during hair cutting, so stylists can maintain a high level of performance without the risk of injury.

The handles are designed with ergonomics in mind, offering superior grip and comfort for users. Their scientific construction ensures long-term usability and reliability.


Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeer
Analysis of the musculature involved in the opening and closing of the ACRO Crossover CR-1 scissors revealed improved performance.
ACRO Crossover CR-1 has been demonstrated to reduce muscle exertion by 30%, thereby reducing fatigue and strain.

Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeer
Mizutani Scissors Canada ACRO Crossover CR-1 Whitney VerMeerProf. Toru Nagao
Department of Design, Faculty of Creative Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology


Mizutani Scissors Canada Nano Powder Metal Icon
Our Nano Powder Metal®, manufactured via Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), is a specialized steel fabricated from nano-level powder. This powder is subjected to intense heating and pressure tempering, eliminating unnecessary filler and impurities. Used to produce precision items like Blu-ray disc molds, it demands exceptionally high levels of purity. At MIZUTANI SCISSORS, we conducted our own research into this material to create the perfect hair-scissors: strong blades that maintain sharpness and longevity.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Ball Bearing Icon
These high-precision metal ball bearings are produced in Japan and boast superior anti-corrosion characteristics compared to foreign-made items. With decreased friction around the screws, they lessen strain on the hands while also protecting the blade from damage, resulting in a longer operational lifespan.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Disk Driver Icon
This flat type driver for UFO screws is designed to be compact and easy to maneuver. It is included with all scissors with the Mizutani Scissors marked logo.

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