ACRO Precisioner (Josh Lamonaca) LEFTY

Color: Silver
Size: 5.0
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Mizutani Scissors - ACRO Precisioner (Josh Lamonaca) LEFTY

Mizutani Scissors Canada Precisioner Scissors Josh Lamonaca

ACRO Precisioner LEFTY is designed with a unique curved thumb-ring shape which caters to Josh Lamonaca's finger movements, facilitating fine cutting and control. Its ultra-thin 'USUBA' blade is made with Mizutani's special Nano Powder Metal steel to ensure superior accuracy for Men's precision cuts.

Mizutani Scissors Canada Precisioner Scissors Josh Lamonaca

The ACRO Precisioner LEFTY is built with an ultra-thin USUBA blade, crafted with Nano Powder Metal steel for superior sharpness.


Mizutani Scissors Canada Precisioner Scissors Josh Lamonaca

What is the “MEN’S PRECISION CUT” ?
“A technique that finely divides the hair into sections according to individual hair quality and flow with precision cutting considering the shape of the head” Josh Lamonaca


Mizutani Scissors Canada Precisioner Scissors Josh Lamonaca

Mizutani Scissors Canada Precisioner Scissors Josh Lamonaca

Mizutani Scissors Canada Precisioner Scissors Josh Lamonaca



“My idea for the new scissor is that it must be incredibly comfortable almost like an extension of our hands. PRECISIONER LEFTY is the perfect scissor having everything necessary to create styles.” Josh Lamonaca

Educator of the year :
- New York City / USA Barbercon 2017
- ROME / Italy Festival Barber 2018
Co-founder of [MENSPIRE] in St Albans, London, and the international director of [MENSPIRE ACADEMY]. He has presented in over 30 countries sharing the MENSPIRE philosophy at some of the most prestigious events in the world, with audiences in excess of 3,000.


other maker
Mizutani Scissors Canada other Material

Mizutani Nano Powder Metal

The Nano Powder Metal blades feature a 30–35° angle, providing a noticeably sharper cutting edge than conventional scissors. Cheap or outdated haircutting scissors often utilize a less-sharp cutting edge angle between 40° and 80°, which combined with a larger curvature radius makes the cutting edge more susceptible to wearing out and becoming dull.
Mizutani Scissors Canada nano powder metal material

■Haircut scissors durability test
Mizutani Scissors Canada durability test

■Source: Long-term trial report on haircutting scissors
*Scissors A and B are made from the same stainless steel as that used for high-quality knives. Source by Mr. Keisuke Kato


Cross-section of hair using other maker scissors

Mizutani Scissors Canada other cross section

Nano Powder Metal Cutting Power

An electron microscopic cross-sectional view of hair cut using the Nano Powder Metal reveals a noticeably smooth finish, as well as the ability to cut hair in a circumference-like shape without damage. In contrast, the cross-section of hair cut with scissors from another manufacturer exhibits a much rougher cut surface with an oval-like shape.
Mizutani Scissors Canada cross section

Dr. Kentaro Asakura, Engineering Department of Materials Engineering at the School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (Part-time instructor at the Tobu College of Medical Technology)
Mizutani Scissors Canada dr Kentaro Asakura

Nano Powder Metal USUBA

Our Nano Powder Metal®, manufactured via Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), is a specialized steel fabricated from nano-level powder. This powder is subjected to intense heating and pressure tempering, eliminating unnecessary filler and impurities. Used to produce precision items like Blu-ray disc molds, it demands exceptionally high levels of purity. At MIZUTANI SCISSORS, we conducted our own research into this material to create the perfect hair-scissors: strong blades that maintain sharpness and longevity.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Ball Bearing Icon
These high-precision metal ball bearings are produced in Japan and boast superior anti-corrosion characteristics compared to foreign-made items. With decreased friction around the screws, they lessen strain on the hands while also protecting the blade from damage, resulting in a longer operational lifespan.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Disk Driver Icon
This flat type driver for UFO screws is designed to be compact and easy to maneuver. It is included with all scissors with the Mizutani Scissors marked logo.



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