Air Touch Total Blond Highlights Workshop

Date: ❄️ Winter 2 Day Workshop Mar 3 - 4 2024
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Air Touch Total Blond

Instructor - Anna Mirzoyan 

Course description

Discover the world of European AirTouch. This specialized course introduces you to a refined blow-dry method that skillfully separates hair strands, creating beautifully natural highlights.

With AirTouch, you'll learn to protect hair from damage, ensuring no overlap on previously highlighted areas. Ideal for sophisticated color corrections and achieving the perfect blonde, this technique allows for stunning transformations.
Elevate your craft with AirTouch, where precision meets elegance in hair styling.


Course Content

  • Total Blonde & Balayage
  • AirTouch vs. Traditional Methods
  • Avoiding AirTouch Errors
  • AirTouch for All Hair Types
  • Natural Color Blending
  • Trends in AirTouch
  • Client Communication Skills
  • Hair Health During Coloring
  • Salon Efficiency with AirTouch
  • AirTouch Portfolio Development

Experience the Innovation of AirTouch in Hair Highlighting

  • Move Beyond Traditional Backcombing: Traditional highlighting often relies on backcombing, leading to uneven results, hair damage, and excessive color use. AirTouch offers a healthier, more efficient alternative.
  • Even, Natural Blends: Achieve a flawless blonde blend without harsh lines or the need for shadow roots. AirTouch ensures a perfectly even application for a natural look.
  • Faster, More Effective Results: Whether it's a full blonde or a subtle balayage, AirTouch delivers quicker, more effective results with a seamlessly blended finish.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional highlighting and embrace the art of AirTouch in your salon.

What you’ll learn

Preparatory Haircut for Airtouch: Learn to cut hair specifically to enhance AirTouch results, creating greater dimension and a more dynamic color blend.

How to Properly Section: Understand the importance of precise hair sectioning for optimal AirTouch application and more natural-looking highlights. 

Optimal Angles & Elevation: Discover methods to apply the AirTouch technique more quickly without sacrificing quality, maximizing salon efficiency. 

How to Save Time: Gain skills in unique AirTouch color application for stunning, seamless blends.

Application Techniques: Master the best blow-drying angles and elevation to achieve the perfect AirTouch effect. 

How to Price Your Services: Learn how to competitively price AirTouch services, balancing client value and business profitability.

Common Mistakes in AirTouch Technique

  • Incorrect Hair Preparation: Not properly cutting the hair before starting can affect the final outcome. AirTouch requires a specific haircut to enhance the technique's effectiveness.

  • Uneven Application: Achieving an even application is crucial. Avoid leaving out fine hairs or baby hairs, which can lead to patchy results.

  • Blow Drying Technique: Mistakes in how to hold and use the blow dryer can lead to tangled hair and an uneven look.

  • Timing and Direction in Blow Drying: Knowing when and in which direction to blow dry is key to prevent tangling and mess.

  • Risk of Hair Damage: Incorrect use of AirTouch can cause hair damage or burning, especially if the technician is not well-trained in this specific technique.

  • Confusing with Regular Balayage: It's important to distinguish AirTouch from traditional balayage techniques, as each has its unique application method and results.

Tools to Bring

  • Scissors
  • Blow Dryers
  • Round Brushes (1” - 2.5”)
  • Denman Brush
  • Tailcombs

  • A comparison between regular highlighting vs AirTouch 


    Regular Highlighting

    AirTouch Technique

    Damage to Hair

    Higher due to backcombing and overlap

    Minimal, avoids backcombing/overlap

    Evenness of Color

    Potential for unevenness

    Consistently even, blended color

    Time Efficiency

    Can be time-consuming

    Faster application, efficient

    Natural Appearance

    Requires extra techniques

    Natural, seamless blend

    Technique Complexity

    Simpler but inconsistent

    Requires skill for optimal results

    Learning Curve

    Easier to learn, hard to master

    Steeper, but superior results

    Hair Health

    More damage with repeated treatments

    Preserves hair health/integrity

    Client Satisfaction


    Often higher, leading to retention

    Pricing and Profitability

    Standard pricing

    Higher pricing, increased profitability

    Market Differentiation


    Differentiates in competitive market

    Training and Skill


    Enhances skill set, requires training

    Product Usage


    Potentially more cost-efficient

    Service Time


    Impacts client turnover


    Less adaptable

    Adapts to various hair types/styles

    Brand Alignment


    Aligns with innovative, modern techniques




    Get to know your Instructor - Anna Mirzoyan 

    • Trained under a Master: Studied with Vladimir Sarbashev, original founder of the Russian Air-Touch technique.
    • Bridal Hair Expert: Renowned for exceptional bridal hairstyling, creating elegant and sophisticated looks.
    • Published in Industry Magazines: Recognized for editorial work in leading beauty publications.
    • Extensive Mentorship Role: Has extensively trained hundreds of aspiring stylists and apprentices in advanced cutting and coloring techniques, both in Canada and internationally.



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