Japanese Head Spa Course Workshop

Start Dates: 🇯🇵 Tokyo Japan - 3 Day Workshop & Experience July 22nd - 24th 2024
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Japanese Head Spa Workshop

Instructor: Akemi  Yamashita

Training Location: 

🇨🇦 Mississauga, Canada - Takara Belmont  (Winter/Spring - Sold Out) 
2455 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5N 5S2
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Coming Soon: NEW 🇨🇦 Canada - EAST MEETS WEST HEADSPA + Business Course Aug 11 - 14

Next class: 🇯🇵 Tokyo, Japan - Hair Happiness 

Healing HeadSpa Japan Education Tour (3 Days) 

Dates: Monday July 22nd, Tuesday July 23rd, Wednesday July 24th

Embark on an enchanting journey to Tokyo, where the art of relaxation meets traditional Japanese head spa techniques in an immersive three-day educational experience!




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Day 1 & 2

Akemi Yamashita's Healing Japanese Head Spa Workshop

OOHIRO Building

1-chōme-38-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan

東京都渋谷区代々木1-38-2 ミヤタビル 3F



Day 3

Option 1: Yume Dream Spa Demonstration

Takara Belmont TB-SQUARE Tokyo

Japan, 〒151-0053 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Yoyogi, 1 Chome−56−4

タカラベルモント㈱ TB-SQUARE tokyo(代々木ショールーム)



Option 2: Yamano Beauty College Tour

Yamano Beauty College

1 Chome-53-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan




Option 3: VIP Shopping at Japan Beauty Supply Store

Japan Beauty Supply - Kichijoji Store

Japan, 〒180-0004 Tokyo, Musashino, Kichijoji Honcho, 1 Chome−9−12 Ebisu Kaikan 3F

吉祥寺 美容問屋 ファイブ, エビス会館 3階



Akemi's Healing HeadSpa Workshop (Day 1 & 2) 

Experience the tranquil atmosphere of Akemi’s hands-on workshop, engaging in a session that blends profound relaxation with the mastery of specialized massage techniques

Course Details
Class Start Time: 10:00 am - 5:00pm local time
Inclusions: Workbook, study guide and time sheets
Meals: Refreshments, Japanese lunch, snacks 
Recognized: Certificate of completion 

  • Muscle Tension Release: The workshop primarily focuses on techniques to alleviate muscle tension around the neck and head, promoting overall relaxation and well-being.

  • Advanced Massage Techniques: Participants learn advanced methods, including effective bubble-making techniques that enhance the massage experience and increase the therapeutic benefits.

  • Hands-On Practice: The class provides ample opportunity for hands-on practice, allowing participants to perfect these techniques under guidance, ensuring they can apply these skills effectively in their professional settings.

Yume Dream Spa Experience by Takara Belmont (Day 3) 

Step into the client's seat at Yume Spa and allow yourself to be immersed in a 45-minute session of pure bliss and relaxation:

  • Revolutionary Design: The Yume Spa features a full-flat chair that allows complete relaxation, enhancing the client's comfort during the treatment​.

  • Sensory Enhancement: The spa utilizes a gentle mist system that moisturizes the hair and scalp, coupled with a professionally customized shampooing technique that combines comfort with tangible hair and scalp health benefits​.

  • Luxurious Environment: Yume Spa sessions are designed to be a holistic experience, nurturing not just the hair and scalp but also providing a deep state of relaxation for the mind and body​.

Yamano Beauty College (Day 3 optional) 

Visit Japan’s premiere fashion and beauty college and explore advanced beauty education, gaining insights into innovative techniques and industry practices.

  • Innovative Education: Known for its cutting-edge approach, Yamano Beauty College provides comprehensive training in beauty and cosmetology, focusing on both traditional techniques and modern trends.

  • Exposure to Latest Techniques: Students and visitors can expect to learn about the latest beauty treatments and tools, experiencing first-hand the dynamic world of professional beauty education in Japan.

Japan Beauty Supply Store - Kichijoji (Day 3 optional) 

Explore the Japan Beauty Supply Store in Kichijoji, where a VIP shopping experience awaits, offering access to a wide range of professional beauty products.

  • Exclusive Access: The store offers a VIP shopping experience, usually requiring a Japanese Cosmetology License, making it a unique opportunity for professionals to access high-end beauty products.

  • Professional Guidance: Shoppers are accompanied by a knowledgeable cosmetologist who helps navigate the vast selection of professional-grade products, ensuring they find the best items for their needs.

  • Wide Product Range: The store specializes in a wide array of beauty supplies from top brands, catering to all aspects of beauty and hair care needs.

This educational trip is thoughtfully crafted to immerse you in authentic Japanese techniques and resources that resonate deeply in Japan. By blending art, culture, and innovative healing methods with insights into local business practices, this experience is designed to elevate your skills and distinguish you in the field of Japanese Head Spa services.

We look forward to welcoming you to your next educational journey, where tradition meets transformative learning.


Course description

Leverage the growing popularity of Japanese head spa treatments. Learn the art of scalp massage, understanding its benefits, and how to tailor this service for each client. This course emphasizes personalization and mastering massage techniques, equipping you to offer a unique and rejuvenating experience. By integrating this sought-after service into your salon offerings, you cater to the modern client's desire for holistic, shareable experiences, giving your business a competitive edge in the beauty industry.


Super Nano Steamer Technology: Learn how to use this new technology and how it's different from standard steamers that can damage hair.

Utilizes ultra-fine particle steam that penetrates the core of the hair, replenishing moisture and aiding in the deep absorption of treatments. This technology is especially effective when combined with a 100% amino hair treatment, delivering active ingredients deep into the hair and providing lasting effects

Course Content

  • Scalp and Head Mapping
  • Handling Pressure Points (nerve, lymph, facial)
  • Super Nano Steamer Technology
  • Advanced Shampoo Techniques
  • Advanced Scalp Analysis
  • Service Preparation & Effective Scalp Brushing Techniques
  • Client Consultation Proficiency & Waivers
  • Designing a Holistic Treatment Experience
  • Upselling and Prebooking Strategies

Mastering Japanese Head Spa: Techniques, Personalization, and Scalp Analysis

  • Gain Seamless Technique Mastery: Master seamless hand movements and precise pressure point application to enhance the overall client experience.

  • Personalize Client Consultations: Develop skills for in-depth consultations, tailoring each head spa session to individual client needs, making treatments unique and personal.

  • Perform Advanced Scalp Analysis: Deepen your understanding of scalp analysis to recommend thoughtful and effective regimens, addressing client concerns with accuracy and care.

What you’ll learn

  • Expert Massage Skills: Master diverse massage techniques, including head, hand, shoulder, and foot massages, focusing on relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

  • Sophisticated Shampoo Techniques: Dive into advanced shampooing methods tailored for various scalp types, enhancing both cleanliness and comfort.

  • Effective Brushing Techniques: Learn comprehensive brushing methods to stimulate the scalp, promote hair health, and prepare for further treatments.

  • In-depth Scalp Knowledge: Gain extensive understanding of scalp anatomy and health, equipping you to identify and address various scalp conditions.

  • Advanced Scalp Analysis: Acquire skills in using specialized camera scans to assess scalp health, enabling accurate treatment and care recommendations.

  • Client Consultation Proficiency: Develop in-depth consultation skills to understand client needs, creating personalized spa experiences.

  • Personalized Treatment Processes: Learn to customize treatments based on individual client assessments, ensuring each experience is unique and effective.

Get to know your Instructor - Akemi   Yamashita

  • Early Start: Akemi began a remarkable career in hairdressing at just 15 years old.
  • Innovative Entrepreneur: Successfully established over 10 unique salon concepts across Japan and Canada, each known for its creativity and holistic approach.
  • Mentor and Educator: Has trained numerous apprentices in Japan and Canada, many of whom have achieved successful careers in the beauty industry.
  • Guest Speaker: A regular contributor at Yamano Beauty College in Japan, sharing insights and inspiring future beauty professionals.
  • Celebrity and International Recognition: Concept salons have garnered a strong following, attracting Japanese celebrities and clients worldwide seeking a holistic experience that harmonizes internal well-being with outward appearance.

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