YS PARK YS-150 Tail Comb 218mm

Colour: Pink
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Tail Comb

"1 Double ZIG-ZAG Lines: Each inner tooth has been uniquely designed in a “V-line shape” (zig-zag design) to easily tease the hair and create volume. This very unique shape was invented by Y.S. Park.
2 ‘Triple Teeth’: One of the unique design features of YS-150 is the triple tooth design. The unique three  tooth line facilitates the teasing of the hair.  
3 Flexibility and strength: The outer teeth are made of a flexible material, while the inner teeth are made of a sturdier carbon to provide better tension. The carbon also acts as an anti-static agent.
4 Specially designed “Inner Carbon fine teeth”: The Y.S. Park teasing comb’s rigorous research and development process has developed a uniquely narrow and balanced spacing of the ‘fine inner teeth’, which is ideal for creating gorgeous and voluminous hairstyles.
5 Excellent grip: The texturized hand grip, along with unique holes in the back provides optimal support while styling even when hands are slippery with product.
6 Holes are placed at intervals of 1 cm to use as a measuring instrument. The 1 cm distance between the holes in the spine of the comb allow for greater flexibility, thus reducing tension on the scalp.





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